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Why Do You Paint?

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Why Do You Paint?

Why do You Paint?

I asked myself this question prior to painting this scene with the antelope. For the past 4-6 years I have been painting quite regularly, mostly on a daily basis. Naturally, I experienced slumps. Lately, I found myself struggling with my work whereas it had always been a rush and filled me with excitement. Other artists go thru this just as writers experience "writers blocks". So I have been thinking about this and realized that the reason I had been passionate about wanting to be an artist was very simple in my mind. I loved the beauty that I saw everyday. I had always hope that one day I would be able to have the time to try and capture that beauty on canvas with oil paints. I wanted to share what I saw with others in hopes that they too might walk thru life enjoying the natural beauty that is all around us. Thats how I began my painting passion. Everyday I would find something that inspired me to paint.

What happened to my drive? After several years, I started to see what other people were painting, looked in galleries and of course found painters on Face book. I started to become influenced in odd ways. It made me question what I was doing, and then I would compare myself to others. Big mistake. My confidence was wanning and my style was changing.

When I came back to my own realization of why I am painting.... my enthusiasm returned. I am once again excited to paint.

I ask you.... why do you paint?

by Cheryl Nancy Ann Gordon
Montana Oil Painter
Inspired by Nature