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20 Years in the Making

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20 Years in the Making

When I was 42 and all alone, wondering what in the heck the world was to become for me..... I made decisions about my life that would serve me today, some twenty years later. Oh how the time has flown by. But there were things important to me.... independence, pathways for my children, security, stability, peace of mind, financial security, following my passion..... helping others, finding love- true easy love, being in the country, enlightenment, joy, and by knowing what I wanted.... They became my life. I am living my dream, painting is my passion, and it all worked out. No miracles, a lot of hard work and long hours, worry, ups and downs and all around. Losing faith and questioning sometimes but living with a deep faith in a power beyond my control and a willingness to work - doing whatever it takes - I discovered God provides and will be there for those willing to believe in something greater than this limited earthly wonderful experience.

Today I give thanks, and am grateful for the passion I have found in painting. I paint the spirit within me. It has been a dream come true since I was a teenager. But those 35 + years of never giving my hand to a paint brush left an emptiness that I never understood... The haunting desire to paint was always there. If it were not for my perceptive husband who somehow knew that is what I needed, I could never have found this fulfillment.

Today.... I find myself exploring different possibilities with the simple tools of brushes, palette knives, canvas and oil paints. This month I received my first Social Security check , which I can't believe.... but it all ties in with my hidden desire to be a Painter when I retire. Working towards that end for 20 years.... Well, I still work, but not so much, and I paint.... paint to my hearts desire.

I write only to encourage you to follow you hidden desires and let them evolve.... do what you must and let the inner you become what it needs to become. Life is an enriching short time... .Enjoy and Find your passion.