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Encouraged to paint

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Encouraged to paint

I have been out of the painting mode for some time now. It is my passion, this I know. Away from it.... why? I don't know, but I lose confidence. I forget the real reason I paint. It fulfills me. It triggers something within me. It directs me out of my normal business responsibilities. The creative process is and always has been what makes me find purpose in living. That’s a big statement, but the truth of it is that I love to create. Painting with oils is so exciting to me. It fills that emptiness, it brings joy to my deeper self. I only hope this is not all too self-centered….. but what the heck. We all must do what fulfill us.
When the world gets in the way of who we really are…. Life becomes a chore. When you find your passion, maybe then you offer back to the world something that will expand it in new ways for others.
Others have encouraged me to continue to paint. Just today a couple of my artist friends said….. “YOU SHOULD PAINT THAT! “ Little do they know how encouraging those words were. I reached deep within, found courage and decided…. OK! I will do that!!!! Thank you – Jess and Maria – for saying that. I have been hesitating. And even though this is just the beginning of another round, I think it was just the spark I needed.
Listen to your peers, follow your passion….. start when there is doubt. Let it happen.
Creativity for some is the necessary “drug” of life to keep on going…….