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Life gets in the way sometimes....

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Life gets in the way sometimes....

Sometimes life gets in the way and our art takes a back seat. For example in early January while out on a walk when it was very icy my loving dog blindsided me and down I went. The full force land on my wrist put me out of commission. As soon as I could I figured a way to get back into painting, I did. Oil painters know clean up is half the battle, doing that with one hand is difficult. After a couple weeks of healing I discovered that using a palette knife was just the thing with limited mobility. Not only did it make for easier clean up, in the process I discovered some new techniques and started an entire series of paintings which I call my WIld Horse series. ( see Horse Gallery).

We are often moved in directions when life's adversities hit. So go with it and see what happens. But never let life get in the way of your passion, just find a way around it. You just might be surprised at the outcome!