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You Don't Aways need a finished painting in mind when you start.

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You Don

By Cheryl Nancy Ann Gordon
A couple weeks ago picked up the Bible and read The Book of Revelation. The symbolism is intriguing. This painting is inspired by Revelation – Chapter 6. I had no idea how this would turn out or actually where I was going with the painting when I started. It only to me piece by piece with the last item being the cross, reflecting the sun’s final rays. I will often start a painting and just trust the something within me will want to express itself. This kind of trust came after a few years of painting more rigidly from photos and reference materiel. Painting without an outcome is an interesting way to let your inner self out. It may surprise you, as I was when this painting completed itself. I am by no means a perfectionist in my painting, rather, I like the rough textures, abstraction, landscapes and a sight bit of realism. Working on a large canvas, 24” x 48” is a challenge for me and I love trying new things. To me being a painter is all about experimentation and the joy of seeing something emerge, especially when you go in without a clue. I will call this Revelation The Sixth Seal. Something to ponder upon.