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Take Non Glare Photos of your Art

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Take Non Glare Photos  of your Art

Getting a good picture without glare for your art work is not that hard!!!

I usually finish my paintings at night and like to photograph them right away. Plus I live in SW Montana and its not always possible to go outside and shoot a nice picture with natural light in the shade. Too many weather factors.

I struggled to get a good photo of my art and found this to be so frustrating. A lot of my work has high gloss and that just reflects as white light so often. I searched for what other people were doing and didn't find much. By accident I discovered that if a I take a 16 x 20 sheet of white or cream mat board, and simply hold that up between the light source and image and I can virtually eliminate most of the glare. It is important that the room be fairly well lit in order to bring out other details.

With the great cameras in phones and point and shoot digital cameras we have much greater options. A couple other pointers that are important is to make sure the angle of your camera is the same plane as your painting. Try to get the image to fill the picture as much as possible but leave some edges, then crop it clean.

Sounds so simple and like most good solutions.... it is!

Cheryl Nancy Ann Gordon
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